Document Type : Research paper



Scientometricsis involves the measurement of quantitative influential indicators in scientific publication. Scientific-research journals play an important role in transferring scientific concepts. “Lesan-E- Mobin” is one of the scientific-research journals in Arabic language and literature. In this study, fifteen issues of this journal have been studied over a period of four years. In this paper, some criteria such as language, writers' cooperation, institution and cross- institution cooperation, the number of authors in terms of gender, authors' educational degree in terms of gender, the most productive authors and institutions, the most frequent topics and the amount of utilizing their resources are evaluated. The results of the study show that, out of 161 articles, 31 articles were written in Arabic. The greatest cooperation was related to articles written by two authors (n=89). In 97 articles, the authors were affiliated by institutions. Two hundred-fifty-nine authors have worked with this journal of which 173 authors were men. Authors who were assistant professor at universities have been the most cooperative ones. Comparative literature with 34 articles has been the most productive field. The authors of International University of Imam Khomeini, Qazvin, with 22 articles have had the highest scientific contribution. Moreover, referencing has been 26.3% and 56.6% of the articles have used the resources below the average percentage.


- Prichard A. (1969) .statistical bibliography or bibliometrics?,  Journal of documentation, 25 (4)